Saturday, October 26, 2013

8 puppies waiting for!

These puppies are waiting for a loving family to take them home....

Although we normally do not accept small puppies at our shelter, we always have some motherless ones available. We deworm and vaccinate them. They are everything one looks for in a good pet: playful, intelligent and healthy. The puppies are fully socialized and in return for good food and TLC they will give you lots of joy and happiness.

What is more, they come with one year of free medical care at our sanctuary!
Don't worry about the fact that some of them are female.  We will spay them at the age of 3-4 months FOR FREE.
We will also provide you with a health card.

Hazel: a kind-hearted dog

Hazel is a very handsome, playful 4-month old female dog. She has a bended left foreleg which is why she has a slight limp. She has a great nature and is well socialised.

Hazel is fully vaccinated and spayed. And she comes with 1 year free medical treatment!

If you are looking for a well behaved,  affectionate dog, Hazel might be the right choice for you.

Contact 9841 334537 for more information. 

Bhotu: the perfect companion

Bhotu, a handsome, kind mastiff, is looking for a good home. We found Bhotu with a terrible head injury a month ago. He is now almost fully recovered. Bhotu has a very kind nature, and because of his size will act as an excellent guard dog. He is over 5 years old.

If you have experience with large dogs, then you might be the right person to adopt this gem. Contact us for more info.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Puppies Waiting for Homes!!!
Contact: Animal Nepal, 9841 334537

Information: Here are some of the puppies we have waiting for homes at Chobar Animal Sanctuary. Is one of these your new puppy?

How cute is this little girl! Her and her sister (the black puppy in the next photo) love to play with each other and the other dogs here at Chobar Animal Sanctuary. Both of them would make excellent life long companions and I'm sure if possible would love to stay together.
This gorgeous little girl and her sister (the dog in the previous photo) are cute and cuddly and lots of fun. They would make a lovely addition to any home looking to adopt a couple of life long friends.

The puppy on the left is being treated for a skin disease called mange but this condition is improving quickly, this puppy has a beautiful temperament and loves to curl up in your arms and sleep. Both puppies are waiting for someone to adopt them and take them to their forever homes.
This gorgeous little puppy came in with a skin problem on it's head. Thanks to some tender loving care from our veterinarians and caretakers these problems are quickly improving and this little puppy is waiting to be someone's life long friend.
Could this sweet little puppy be your new lifelong companion? One of the smallest puppies we have at Chobar Animal Sanctuary, this puppy is waiting for its forever home.